Tips and Tricks

With something as large in scope as what the folks at The Learning Company have created, it can take a lot of gameplay time to plumb the depths of the game. We've been doing the footwork for you, and we'd like to share some of the things we've learned.


There are several vaults, filled with dozens of items. You must collect each item in order (and achieve sufficient rank) to move to the next level down. Here is a picture of each of the vaults.

Vault One - General Evidence

Moustache Wax
"Used by old-school relief pitchers."

"A favorite of retired gunslingers and baseball players."

"Toupee? What toupee? I'm not wearing a toupee!"

Cheese Wheel
"Wrapped to lock in fresh flavor until 2031."

Pet Rock
"The perfect pet. Doesn't need to be walked or fed."

Fuzzy Dice
"Good for mirrors. Not for Vegas."

Pimple Cream
"Found in every teenagers backpack."

Red Stapler
"Use to staple those TPS reports... this weekend."

Afro Comb
"Rumored to give you Saturday Night Fever."

Whoopee Cushion
"Lots of laughs with none of the smell."

Groucho Glasses
"'You'll bet your life' for this stylish schnoz."

Bowling Shoes
"Stylish shoes for all your bowling functions."

3-D Glasses
"A must for viewing the Saturday afternoon 'Creature Double Feature.'"

Teddy Bear
"The stuffed kind, not the 26th President."

Navel Lint
"Yucky, but at least its cashmere."

Pointy Ears
"Wearing these would be illogical."

Really Long Scarf
"Keeps you really warm for a really long time."

Bunny Slippers
"Only worn by Real Geniuses."

Rabbit's Foot
"Lucky for you. For the rabbit, not so much."

Lobster Bib
"Slightly stained with butter."

Vault 2 - Confiscated Memorabilia

"Popular instrument at Don Ho impersonator gatherings."

"Clear Rose" Bowling Ball
"For the kingpin in your life."

Fruit Hat
"This belonged to the other Carmen."

Raccoon Cap
"A favorite of explorers and frontiersman around the world."

20-Sided Die
"Roll for initiative."

Pompadour Wig
"At home in the halls of Graceland and the court of King Louis XIV."

Hockey Mask
"Extreme protection from flying pucks. Property of JV."

Superhero Lunchbox
"Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

Comic Book Collection
"Unfortunately does not include 'Action Comics #1.'"

Adventurer's Bullwhip
"Useful in the Amazon or the university classroom."

Dogs Playing Poker
"A staple of every 70's rec room."

Fishbowl Shoes
"A perfect home for funky, disco-loving goldfish."

Wrestling Championship Belt
"Large ostentatious gold belt with the initials HH."

Western Poncho
"Everyone who wears these feels at home on the range."

Gold Tooth
"More valuable than the Silver Tooth."

Vault 3 - V.I.L.E. Possessions

Melvin Feasance's Stolen Company Bonds
"Stock in the company 'Fez Tricks' issued by the Bank of Chicago."

Calypso Facto's Golden Steel Drum
"A drum with a supremely golden sound. Etched with the name Bahamas Chillharmonic."

Melanie Grifter's Skygull T-49 Jetpack
"A slightly dented, super-powered jetpack."

Arthur Deco's Super Rad Skateboard
"Great for performing that Backside 180 Heelflip."

Agatha Risky's Platinum Casino Chips
"Not redeemable at any casino. Stamped with the initials AR."

Greta Way's Mayor Fangsley's Fur Coat
"A soft plush coat with a tag on the inside that reads: In loving memory of Fangsley."

John Philip Yakuza's Prized Battle Trombone
"An intricately carved trombone sporting battle regalia."

Hugh G. Ransom's User Profiles
"A data file loaded with useless facts from 100 cities around the world."

Ted Zeppelin's Monocle
"A gold trimmed monacle with 'Friday Funday' etched on the side."

Purses Galore's Prosthetic Leg
"State of the art leg with patented 'Easy-On, Easy-Off' connection."

Belle Tower's Ice Cream Scoop
"Normal utensil, except for the etchings of the best poker hands on the handle."

Frank Lloyd Wrong's Bird Language Book
"Includes full vocabulary for the Honeycreeper and the elusive Sapsuckers."

Maude Earnest's Lighthouse
"A famous New England lighthouse in miniature form."

Charleston Chu's Cookie-Bot
"A small robot, oddly constructed out of graham crackers and tagalongs."

Dirk Rigible's Luxury Blimp
"A 'Zippy Fly-Bag' experience, reduced in size for easy storage."

Vault 4 - Henchman Mementos

Roberta Banks' Butterscotch Candy
"A yummy butterscotch candy with the word 'Sorry' on the wrapper."

Steel M. Bargo's Top-Secret Government Files
"Files so secret even the government doesn't know they are missing."

D'Amanda Munity's Bison Juice Railroad Concert Tickets
"Two tickets to next week's concert. Bring your bad self and a change of attitude."

Selma Kidnese's Gardening Equipment
"A hoe and shovel with the initials SK carved in the handles."

Cindy-Kate Skullduggerer's Guacamole and Chips
"A bowl of congealed guacamole and a half-eaten plate of Super Scooper chips."

Vault 5 - The Carmen Room

Carmen's Hat
We're still after this one!


There are many ranks (far more than we originally thought!) in this game. Here's a picture of each badge and at what level you'll earn it.
(Note: some of these, such as the constable badge, appears out of range because the player has not received recommendations for promotion, not because the level range is incorrect.)

1. Recruit: level 1-9

2. Constable:10-19

3. Detective: 20-34

4. Gumshoe: 35-49

5. Sleuth: 50-64

6. Sergeant: 65-79

7. Private Eye: 80-99

8. Covert Operative: 100-124

9. Senior Detective: 125-149
10. Inspector: 150+